Super Singers One

Registrations Closed

KHNA Super Dancer

Age Groups: Sub-Junior 5-9, Junior 10-13, Senior 14-18 and Adults: 19 and above

Dance Categories
Only Solo performances are allowed
Registration in multiple categories is allowed
Registraion Fees
$50 for 1 category
$100 for 2 category
$125 for 3 categories
Win Exciting prizes
1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes in each category and age group
Nritya Pratibha: All round performer (Highest Total Score and 1st prize in at least 1 category)


For details please contact:
Anjana Prayaga
(636) 293-1174
Dr. Jagathy Nair
(561) 632-8920
Kavita Menon
(909) 900-6780
Ambika Shyamala
(719) 229-6747
Anjana Krishnan
Dr. Satheesh Ambadi
(480) 703-2000

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