The Temple Board is an initiative by KHNA. The main goal of the Temple Board is to protect the neglected temples and act as a beacon of hope for them. Also help to resurrect and renovate such temples. Besides, the Temple Board goals include, providing advice for building temples in North America and act as a bridge between temples and devotees.

Prasadam Project : Thriprasadham

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah
During this Punya Mandalakkalam KHNA is delivering Prasadham to your home from 3 famous Temples : Sabarimala, Guruvayoor and Mookambika on a Quarterly Subscription basis.
Only 50 packets available. First come first serve basis
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Prasadham can be food, flowers, water or decorations like Sandal, kumkum etc that is offered to the deities during pooja and then used by the devotees after the pooja. Offering the finest of things to the deities takes a great significance as the deity is treated with utmost respect. The items that are offered to god attains positive energy and vitality and that positivity is transferred to the devotees who use it bringing peace and harmony in their lives.

Thriprasadham is a project to bring prasadham and other items that are of significance to Hindu devotees from famous Temples in Kerala/india to the USA and deliver it to the devotees here. Some of the main prasadhams that we plan to provide are Aravana and appam from Sabarimala temple, Kalabham from Guruvayoor Temple, Kumukumam from Mookambika Temple, panchagavyam from Vadakkumnatha Temple, Villu from padmanabha swamy temple, Laddu from Thirupathy etc. These prasadhams will be offered on a subscription basis. We plan to offer these quarterly. With the revenue from this project we aim to attain the Temple board goal of resurrecting the Temples that are neglected or are in ruined state in Kerala. So please help us attain this goal by subscribing to the prasadam project.