KHNA (Kerala Hindus of North America) understands the value of education for mankind and actively supports education for financially troubled students in Kerala. KHNA will be offering a limited number of scholarships sponsored by individuals for the full duration of the course. You should be in the first year of the academic program to be eligible to apply for these scholarships. In addition to the regular scholarships KHNA plans to award one-time financial assistance to a few deserving students pursuing professional degree programs. Non-first year students are also eligible for these awards. Use the “New Scholarship Application Form” to apply for these awards. If you are a first year student you will be automatically considered for full scholarships. All those who could not be awarded full scholarships will be considered for one-time financial assistance. The award amount will be determined by the scholarship committee depending on the donations raised and the financial need of the student. You need to submit only one application form for consideration for both full scholarships and financial assistances.

Application Submission until December 15th 2020


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KHNA was formed in 2001 from the far sighted vision and motivation


KHNA has traditionally brought all our families across the US, Mexico and Canada for many years

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